The Best Time to Become Your Own Boss

The Best Time to Become Your Own Boss

If you always dreamed of becoming your own boss, there has never been a better time. With the emergence of the digital environment and the “work at home” mentality emanating from the Covid pandemic, the conditions are ripe for starting your own business. And there is not a business that lends itself better to this opportunity than that of becoming an independent insurance agent. Insurance is a vital part of our lives and our economy. It is a business which is here to stay and provides a constant stream of new prospects. People can do without many things, but insurance is not one of them. People understand and realize the necessity of having insurance to protect their personal and business interests. Insurance will always be a great business.

As an independent insurance agent, you own your own business and that will be of great value when you are ready to retire. Online access to all of the major insurance carriers has made it possible to operate your business from your own home or office. You can prospect for new clients online; you can provide them with a quote online; you can issue their policies online; and you can provide great service for your clients utilizing online technology.

The time and restrictions of working in the big corporate environment are no longer necessary. You can own your own business; be your own boss; and do it on a schedule that integrates with your personal life.

To explore this tremendous opportunity, give Mary Ann Wesley a call to discuss how to get your business established. The time is right to take control of your own destiny. Becoming an independent insurance agent is a great business model that will remain in the heart of our business culture for many decades to come.


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