Small Business is the Heart of Our Economy

One of the things that makes me most proud of what AHA has accomplished over the past 23 years is helping to create hundreds of new small businessowners. We daily have to endure the rhetoric of the media and their obsession with the 550 billionaires in our country. We learn that Jeff Bezos net worth in 2009 was 17.9 billion and in 2021 it is now 202.9 billion! Same for Mark Zuckerberg and the other tech giants. But it has never been the mega-rich who have served as the heart of American business. The small businessowner has always been the both the heart and soul of American business.

As independent agency owners we are all part of the small business community in our respective towns. We continue to represent the kind of businesses that understand the value of good service and honor that obligation to their clients. The Covid-19 pandemic has lowered the level of service around the world in a significant way. Overall, service in general has been in significant decline. Frustration is running high in all areas of the business world and many businesses are falling by the wayside.

We are fortunate as independent agents that we have a product that is only “back-ordered” if we allow it to be. Although many of the insurance carriers themselves are experiencing backlogs, as agents we can keep the communications alive and current with our clients during this difficult time. What people want most at this point in our history is true connectivity. They want to be listened to and not shoved to the “back-burner”. They want someone walking hand-in-hand with them through these confusing and difficult times. They are looking to find some much needed ease and comfort in some areas of their lives. And all of this we can provide for “fun and for free” if we are focused on keeping our communications and responsiveness at a high level with our clients. Our job is to instill confidence and trust in the clients we serve.

When our country went into the “lockdown” stage, many businesses simply “locked” themselves away from their clients. The office may have been closed down, but the phone, email, and text lines were all still available to all of us. For those who approached this as not a “time off”, but rather a time to step up the dialogue with their clients, they have flourished! In fact, there is more opportunity for IAs right now that there ever was before the pandemic! The reason – a lot of your competition is on “vacation”, while your clients are sitting home in desperate need of connection of any kind.

It is a great time to get ahead as a small independent agent by utilizing the tools of our trade. People are so hungry for personal service and connection right now. The time is perfect to take advantage of the current business climate. But you can’t do it playing games on your phone and watching Netflix! Pick up that phone and talk with your clients and prospects. The are eager to have warm conversations!

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