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Stepping out to create your own independent insurance agency may feel like a big leap of faith. We've been there. Being able to control your own schedule, work for an agency of your own, and be in control of your financial future are some of the reasons people just like you took that leap. If you are working for a captive, you also have the opportunity to earn greater commission and receive profit sharing when on your own.

We help you work hard to build your own dream.

"I was at a crossroads after working for captive for many years. I saw that there were a lot of agents that were working hard for themselves and other people were working hard for them. I'd always been a hard worker, but I felt like 'no one is going to work as hard for my business as I will. And it's time for me to do what they're doing and do it better.'" - Deanna McDaniel, Owner, McDaniel Insurance

We help independent agencies remain independent.

"Seventeen years ago I was a single dad working for another insurance agency. I realized after a serious car accident that it was time for me to go out on my own and start my own agency. I looked down various paths and did a lot of research and that's when I found AHA. They allowed me to become even more independent and less dependent. It's been a great and very rewarding journey." - Joe Maupin, Owner, Joe Maupin Insurance Agency

We take away the worries of starting your own independent agency.

"Before I started my own agency, I was working at a captive agency. I did so well that I had several people tell me 'you need to do this on your own.' The most fearful part about starting my own agency was that it wasn't going to be successful.​ I was concerned that we weren't going to be able to meet our monthly bills or how carriers would respond to losses.​​​​​​ AHA really helped me, especially at the very beginning, learn the ropes of quoting, a lot of these things that I didn't have any knowledge about at all. It has been really refreshing to have a partnership with somebody that was willing to put in the energy and effort to teach me what I needed to know just to get the business started." - Octavio Gallego, Owner, Diversified Insurance Partners

We give you the power of partnership.
By joining together with AHA and with our affiliation with SIAA, you have greater pull with carriers for direct appointments (something independent agents struggle to get out of the gate), profit sharing from the first year (which some have used to bring on additional employees), and discounts on services that will reduce your monthly costs and give you a faster path to profitability. Whether you are an existing agent, captive agent, direct writer, financial services agent or employee benefits agent we have a solution for you.

If you are new to the insurance industry and would like to start a new independent agency, we help you build your new agency from the ground up, offering you the best tools and infrastructure you need to create the right foundation for a growing agency.

Here are some of the other benefits of making the switch to become your own independent agency.
Have Confidence Even When Rates Increase
Benefit From Referrals
No Production Requirements
Retain More Customers
Win New Customers
Many National & Regional Carrier Options
Let AHA Insurance Network help build the agency of your dreams.


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