Our Model: Part of SIAA

SIAA is the nation’s largest independent insurance agency alliance.

Agency Growth Without Compromise

Untitled_design__67_.pngDo you want to stay an independent insurance agency but still have access to the bigger guys’ competitive rates? SIAA - The Agent Alliance is the partnership tool your insurance agency has been missing. Since 1983, SIAA - The Agent Alliance has sought to create retention and growth for smaller insurance agencies without sacrificing their independence.

AHA Insurance Network is proud to partner with SIAA as the largest alliance of independent insurance agencies nationally. Since signing on with them in 1997, AHA Insurance Network has worked with over 150+ agencies to help create, retain and grow independent agents in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee. 

SIAA gives you the power to become big, no matter your current size. This means you can offer various options and gain instant growth for your agency without compromising your independence or value for your clients. Whether you’ve been in the business for decades or are just getting your independent agency running, the long-term value of a connection to better rates and more advocacy for your business is unmatched.

Let AHA Insurance Network help build the agency of your dreams.


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