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Starting a new insurance agency is hard enough. It's important to have a mentor, someone who has gone before who can help you avoid common pitfalls and give you the advice you need to seize the right opportunities. We were insurance agents well before we started an insurance network, and we bring decades of knowledge and experience to you from our first meeting on. 

Mentoring begins even before the first day of membership. From our first meeting together, you'll find that we're invested in your success. We talk through your personal and professional goals and chart the best path forward to creating the agency mix you want. 

Longstanding agencies also need mentorship! Every new stage of an independent agency's growth comes with new questions and new challenges. Our mentors understand the needs at each level and have crossed many of those bridges before. 

"They've really helped connect me with the carriers and provide strategic support and education that has been so vital to make McDaniel Insurance grow to where we are today." - Deanna McDaniel, Owner, McDaniel Insurance

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