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AHA and SIAA stand apart from our competitors because we offer more opportunities, partnerships, and income than any other network of independent insurance agents.

Get FIVE LAYERS OF INCOME immediately with no minimum premium thresholds
  • SIAA National Bonuses: SIAA exclusive national profitability bonuses, ranging from 0-8%.
  • Regional Bonuses: AHA exclusive regional bonuses, typically with no loss ratio requirement, negotiated locally and based on new or total WP ranging from 5-10%.
  • PMSF Bonuses: SIAA exclusive PMSF bonuses, typically with no loss ratio requirement, based on new or total WP ranging from 1.5-3%.
  • Profit Sharing: AHA Profit Sharing Agreement or Fixed Value Based, with the added advantage of being at higher tiers.
  • Top-Tier Commissions: Top-tier base commissions, typically ranging from 15-20%.



"The AHA Insurance Network has been a key partner for the growth of our agency for more than ten years. Tim and Terry Hyland and their team were a huge help in the early days of our agency assisting us with our procedures, technology, and carrier relationships that allowed us to grow to where we are today. We continue to enjoy the favorable carrier contracts through the AHA partnership and the ability to bounce ideas and plan for future success with other members of the network."

John C. Anderson, CIC
Partner / Licensed P&C Consultant


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