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One of the main reasons independent agency owners go out on their own is for better compensation. As agents ourselves, that motivated us too! Within AHA, we have negotiated excess compensation and preferred profit-sharing plans with all of our partner carriers to offer you carrier-based profit-sharing bonuses you otherwise wouldn't receive on your own. These bonuses have helped many of our members invest in their new agencies, expand their staff, and see faster profitable growth.

"AHA has really helped us on the compensation side. As far as bonuses, we get a quarterly bonus, and then if our loss ratio is low enough, we get year-end bonuses, and those can be pretty substantial. AHA has definitely helped us grow more with them than had we been on our own. There's no way we could have seen the type of growth that we've seen without the partnership with them." 

Octavio Gallego
Owner, Diversified Insurance Partners

We help our members to increase revenue by:
  • Accessing more markets: By joining forces with other AHA Insurance Network member agencies, you will gain leverage to be able to bargain collectively.
  • Stabilizing and increasing commissions: You maintain a steady level of commissions that are growing over time.
  • Satisfying company volume commitments: You gain access to more significant opportunities that have a higher volume commitment.
  • Participating in deals customized for AHA and SIAA partner agencies: Engaging in opportunities exclusive to AHA/members of the SIAA helps you reduce routine expenses so that you can be more profitable faster.
  • Developing carrier relationships: Cultivating a positive business relationship with our carriers creates long-term wins for you and other members.

"The AHA Insurance Network has been a key partner for the growth of our agency for more than ten years. Tim and Terry Hyland and their team were a huge help in the early days of our agency assisting us with our procedures, technology, and carrier relationships that allowed us to grow to where we are today. We continue to enjoy the favorable carrier contracts through the AHA partnership and the ability to bounce ideas and plan for future success with other members of the network."

John C. Anderson, CIC
Partner / Licensed P&C Consultant

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