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AHA offers increased revenue potential for independent agencies, carrier/market access, stability, buying power, experience, back room support, and true independence for the agency.

Get the Support You’ve Needed

At AHA, you’ll always be on the other end of an answered phone call. Whenever you have questions or need support, we are here to help you and your business. You can count on us to be there, no matter how big or small the task is.

Expand Your Network Instantly

Doing business is easier when you have a strong network by your side, and this is the heart behind what we do for you. When you invest in your business by joining AHA Insurance Network, you’re entering into an exclusive network that is made specifically to support your business and help you reach your goals. 

Increased Revenue Made Simple

In some cases, hustle is overrated. By joining AHA you’ll spend less time trying to increase your revenue and focus on what’s really important—your clients! By gaining access to a wide variety of carriers and affordable pricing, your business revenue will increase exponentially without the exponential effort.

More Carrier Choices

Not only will your network expand, but so will your options for your customers—which is what it’s all about! One of the hardest parts about being a smaller agency is the lack of competitive pricing that larger businesses can offer. Now you can offer your clients the same high-quality carriers without giving up your independence.

Supporting your Success

"AHA is invested in the success of my agency. They took an interest from the very beginning of making sure that we were successful, from the technical systems to making sure we got bonuses and the compensation that we needed to make it through those first few years."

Why become an

With an AHA/SIAA affiliation, qualifying agencies will benefit from a wealth of opportunities.

With AHA

Going it alone

Have Confidence Even When Rates Increase
Struggle When Rates Increase
Benefit From Referrals
No Referral Benefits
No Production Requirements
Face Captive Agent Production Requirements
Retain More Customers
Retain Fewer Clients
Win New Customers
Losing Potential Clients
Many National & Regional Carrier Options
Fewer Carrier Options

Meet the Mentors

When you invest in your business by joining AHA, you gain mentorship from the largest IA Network in the Southern Indiana and Kentucky area. Your mentor will help you evaluate where missed opportunities may be hiding. In addition, your AHA mentor will help your team succeed by walking you through extensive coverage and sales training for personal and commercial lines, building successful marketing plans, and strengthening your position in the market.


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